10 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales Without Advertising

Ways to increase restaurant sales without advertising

How to Increase Restaurant Sales Without Advertising

Restaurants are an integral part of American culture, but with the explosion in food chains and independent restaurants, it can be challenging to stand out in a crowded market. As a result, many restaurants rely on advertising to get their name out and build traffic, but there’s another surprisingly simple way that doesn’t require a dime. All you have to do is create new menu items.

If you focus on the day-to-day running of your restaurant, it is easy to lose sight of growth strategies — especially if your budget is tight. But the current climate is a good time for the growth of restaurants. There is no time like the present to take advantage of this period of growth. But you do not have to spend much money on this process. Here are ten sure ways to think about how to increase your restaurant sales without advertising.

Participate in Restaurant Week

Line Week is a public event where you offer discounts or menus to fix Prix fixes. It may seem counterproductive, but a restaurant week is one of the best ways to increase sales at your restaurant. It allows you to showcase your food and service and turn new customers into regular customers. You also have the chance to sell diners a couple of drinks on the menu as a way to get rid of and lose revenue.

Define Your SEO Strategy

Your functional website will be one of the best ways to increase sales over your mealtime. But it is useless if people cannot find it. SEO, or search engine optimization, ensures that your website is high on online searches. Adding key phrases to your site content increases your chances of having your website scanned by Google or Bing. Search Engine Journal recommends your location, then use Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords to associate with your site.

Add Catering

Are you wondering how to increase sales without advertising across the internet? Focus on only one delivery platform that will make for a challenging promotion. For example, cooking can be a daunting task, but if you use third-party tools like ezCater to market your menu and manage your orders, the only thing you have to worry about is preparing food – which is already in your power.

Optimize Your Menu

Are the most popular dishes available on your menu also of great value? If the answer is no, you must want to consider a second look. Maybe the menu is too crowded, or you are not using photos effectively. However, your menu is one of the most effective ways to add sales to your restaurant because you have the power to use the design to direct the diners to the dishes you hope they will order.

 Create a Social Media Campaign

Your valued followers on social media are your foremost advocates. But social media is also a great way to show your actual customers. If you feel stuck on how to increase restaurant sales without direct advertising, try creating a social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter that reflects the authenticity of your restaurant. Maybe it’s side photos or videos with your team. Or perhaps you like to share inspirational quotes or funny GIFs. Then, start a dedicated campaign (at least one post per week at a fixed time) for people who want to share their contacts. The more fans you get, the more likely you are to get people to come and eat.

Host Events

Events like live music, readings, or a night of trivia drive people to visit your space and try-and-true strategies to increase sales in your restaurant. You can also rely on “talent” to help you get the word out. People will stay longer at their desks, which means they will also buy more food and drinks along the way. It also gives them a reason to go out every week.

Train Your Staff to Upsell

Your employees can be an intangible asset to increase sales. Update your POS data to determine how much your servers sell weekly. If some servers lag, spend time training them on appetizers, drinks, or desserts. You might be surprised at how much smiles and sales space go as a way to increase sales at your restaurant – even on a popular night out.

Maximize Your Table Turnover

You will sell more food when more people can sit in your dining room. Consider whether your staff responds to the tables appropriately or if your dining room is designed to increase the number of customers you can deliver to at a particular time. Strategies to keep the meal going – and increase sales at your restaurant – include only complete party stays, recommending dishes that the kitchen can fix quickly, and leaving a check before a customer asks. Just remember that it is not about moving people fast. Instead, it is about giving people a good experience while focusing on efficiency.

 Find Local Sponsorships

If you are wondering how to increase the sales of restaurants without advertising, T-ball teams, bowling leagues, and dozens of other local groups are always looking for sponsorship. The best part? This strategy does not require significant financial contributions. Usually, support requires you to pay for team jerseys; instead, your name is printed on shirts. It’s easy to win, as your name is spread across every viewer where that Little Leaguer surrounds the foundations. In addition, it’s another way to build your position as a community leader who sends more customers your way.

Try a Food Drop

Food shortages are what surprise a local business with food to find their business. Make a minute list of all the offices in your area, and plan to “pass” by a cookie tray, sandwich container, or whatever you do well. They’ll be happy — after all, who doesn’t love free food? And they will remember the action the next time they look for a place for lunch or cooked food. It is one of the effective ways to increase sales in your restaurant by winning new customers – and it sounds great, too.