2/3 Cup Of Butter Is How Many Sticks?

2/3 Cup Of Butter Is How Many Sticks?

2/3 Cup Of Butter Is How Many Sticks?

Use one whole stick of butter plus around three tablespoons from another stick if you only need 2/3 of a cup. Two-thirds (2/3) cup of butter is equivalent to approximately 1 and 1/3 sticks of butter. In the United States, butter is commonly sold in sticks, where each stick measures 1/2 cup or 8 tablespoons. Therefore, 2/3 cup of butter would require slightly more than one full stick, plus an additional 1/3 of another stick.

Determining The Number Of Sticks In 2/3 Cup Of Butter

Determining The Number Of Sticks In 2/3 Cup Of Butter

When it comes to cooking and baking, butter is a common ingredient utilized in various recipes. However, measuring butter can be confusing, especially when recipes call for a specific number of butter sticks. If you’ve got 2/31/3 cup of butter and need to figure out how many sticks it’s equivalent to, remember a few important things.

Converting Cups To Sticks Of Butter

So how many sticks of butter are contained in a quarter cup? For this answer, we have to do the math. Since the butter stick is 1/2 cup, we can see that 2/3 cup is greater than one stick and less than two.

To convert cups into butter sticks, you can apply the formula below:

  • The number of cups of butter 1/2 = number of butter sticks
  • By using this formula, we could figure out how many butter sticks are in a 2/3 cup:
  • 2/3 cup of butter 1/2 = 1 and 1/3 butter sticks
  • So 2/3 cup of butter would be the equivalent of 1 and 1/3 butter sticks.

Measuring Butter Without Sticks

While using butter sticks is a popular method to weigh butter in the United States, it’s worth noting that it’s not the only method. However, if you don’t have butter sticks in your pantry, you can still determine the amount of butter needed for your recipe.

A simple way to measure butter is with tablespoons. Since there are eight tablespoons in the butter stick, it is easy to measure the number of tablespoons needed for your recipe. For instance, if the recipe calls for 1/3 cup of butter, you’d need 11 and 1/3 teaspoons.

The butter can be measured using the kitchen scale. Simply weigh the required quantity of butter in grams or ounces, following the recipe.

Using Butter In Different Types Of Cuisines

Using Butter In Different Types Of Cuisines

Butter is an ingredient that is used in a range of cuisines all over the globe. When cooking a classic French dish or baking cookies, butter can add flavor and texture to the food you prepare.

French Cuisine

When it comes to French food, butter is king. It’s difficult to imagine a French recipe that doesn’t require at least a small amount of butter. From pastries to sauces, butter is an essential ingredient that gives French dishes their flavor and richness.

One traditional French dish that uses lots of butter is beurre blance. This rich, buttery sauce is made with white wine, vinegar, and shallots. Another French classic is beurre ,which is browned butter that is usually used to add an accent to dishes such as fish or vegetables.

Butter is also a major ingredient in French pastries and baked goods. Croissants, madeleines, and puff pastries depend on butter to create their distinctive flaky texture and rich taste.

Indian Cuisine

Butter is also a typical ingredient in Indian cuisine and adds flavor and richness to curries, dal, and even a few other dishes. One very popular Indian dish that uses large amounts of butter is butter chicken. It’s a delicious and creamy chicken dish made from tomato-based sauce and much butter.

Ghee, made of clarified butter, is frequently employed in Indian cooking. Ghee is prepared by simmering butter until the milk solids are separated from the fat and then straining the solids out. The clear liquid is pure butterfat with rich, nutty flavors and high smoke points, making it ideal for cooking and sautéing.

American Cuisine

Butter is a key ingredient in American food, especially when baking. If you’re making cookies, cakes, or pies, butter is essential to achieve the ideal texture and taste.

Alongside baking, butter can also be used in savory American dishes such as macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes,  and grilled cheese sandwiches. The butter in these dishes adds a lot of richness and flavor and can help create an even creamy texture.

Italian Cuisine

In Italian cuisine, butter is frequently used to add flavor and richness to dishes like risotto, pasta, and sauces. One of the best-known Italian pasta dishes made with butter is fettuccine Alfredo, made using pasta fettuccine, buttercream, and parmesan cheese.

Butter is also utilized in Italian baking, specifically in pastries like crostata and biscotti. The butter in these recipes adds flavor to the dough and helps create an airy, soft texture.

Using 2/3 Cup Of Butter In Recipes

Butter is a key ingredient in various recipes and adds richness, flavor, and the perfect texture to baked products to savory dishes If you plan to use the equivalent of 2/3 cup butter when baking or cooking, there are several ways to do it.


One of the most frequent ways to incorporate butter into recipes is through baking. From cakes to cookies to pieces of bread, butter is an essential ingredient to create an ideal texture and taste. If you’re baking with 2/3 cup butter, there are many recipes you can explore.

For instance, 2/3 cup of butter can make chocolate chip cookies, which usually require 1-2 sticks of butter, based on the recipe. You can also use 2/3 cup of butter for a pound cake, which usually requires two sticks of butter.

Another alternative is to use 1/3 cup of butter to make various biscuits or scones. These baked goods depend on butter for its soft texture and buttery taste. 2/3 cup of butter will be sufficient for a tiny amount of either.


Butter can also be a popular ingredient used in cooking, specifically in dishes like sauteed veggies or pan-seared grilled meats. It can also be used in scrambled eggs. If you’re cooking with 2/3 cup butter, there are numerous recipes you can explore.

For instance, you can use 2/3 cup butter to prepare the classic French egg omelet. It is made from eggs, butter, and different fillings like cheese, herbs, vegetables, and even herbs. You can also use 2/3 cup of butter to sauté vegetables like onions, mushrooms, or garlic, adding flavor and richness to the dish.

Another alternative is to use two-thirds of a cup of butter for pan-searing your meats, such as pork chops or chicken. Just melt the butter over medium heat, then add the seasoned meat to the pan. The meat should cook until golden and cooked to your liking, being basted with melted butter as you cook.


How much is one stick of butter?

One stick of butter typically measures 1/2 cup or 8 tablespoons.

How many tablespoons are in a stick of butter?

There are 8 tablespoons in one stick of butter.

How much butter is in a cup?

One cup of butter is equal to 2 sticks or 16 tablespoons.

How many cups are in a pound of butter?

There are 4 cups in a pound of butter. Since one stick is 1/2 cup, a pound of butter contains 8 sticks.

How many tablespoons are in a cup of butter?

There are 16 tablespoons in one cup of butter.

How can I measure butter if I don’t have sticks?

If you don’t have sticks of butter, you can use a kitchen scale to measure it by weight. One stick of butter usually weighs 4 ounces or 113 grams.