Best Snacks to Pair With Zinfandel

Best Snacks to Pair With Zinfandel

Best Snacks to Pair With Zinfandel

It goes well with a delicious vanilla pecan pie or a slice of creamy caramel pecan fudge. Red velvet cheesecake goes well with late-harvest Zinfandel if you want a taste of chocolate. This will satisfy your craving for chocolate without overpowering the wine.

Snacks are a great way to enjoy a glass of Zinfandel. Pizza, Cheez-Its, and Grilled cheese sandwiches all work well with Zinfandel. If you want something different, try BBQ Baby Back Ribs.


Pizza is a great food to pair with Zinfandel. The flavors of both foods are complementary to one another. Pizza’s rich tomato sauce is tempered by cheese and the crispness of the dough. To match the two foods, you must consider how each tastes. Then, look for a wine that matches these characteristics.

A medium-bodied Zinfandel is the best match for pizza. It will bring out the flavors of the pizza while complementing the sauce. It should have a low tannin level and a medium acidity level. This will be separate from the tomato sauce. The resulting flavor will be smoky and sweet.

Pizza and wine pairings can be tricky, but they need not be. Pizza and wine go hand in hand, and pairing them ideally can make for a memorable meal. If you are new to pairing wine and food, you should be wary of making the wrong choice. Try several different types and make sure they work well together. Also, try beer with your pizza.

The acidity and tannic content in red wine are crucial. Wines with high acid levels won’t blend well with tomatoes, so it’s best to pick an Italian wine with medium tannins. A good option is Syrah or a GMS blend. You can also try sparkling or dry white wine if you don’t like red wine.

Pepperoni pizza goes well with red Zinfandel. The spicy flavor of the wine complements the pepperoni perfectly. A Pinot Grigio is also a good choice. Pinot Grigio is a medium-bodied wine that can match the pizza’s flavors without overpowering it. A medium-bodied Sangiovese works well too. JJ Buckley Fine Wines makes an excellent Sangiovese. However, it would be best if you avoided Cabernet Sauvignon because it will overpower the subtle flavor of the pizza.

Grilled cheese sandwiches

Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of the most classic pairings, and you can choose from plenty of different varieties. You can add double-smoked bacon or caramelized onions to create the perfect combination. Of course, you should choose dense bread for the sandwich, too. You can also choose a wine that balances out the robustness of the sandwich. One excellent example of a wine that pairs well with grilled cheese is Syrah. Its smoky bacon fat notes will help balance the rest of the sandwich’s richness, and it has good acidity to counteract the richness. Another good choice is Pinot Noir.

The classic grilled cheese can be reinvented by adding more cheese or a variety of veggies. If you don’t want to use traditional cheese, try adding mushrooms and arugula. You can also pair this dish with a glass of Zinfandel to enhance its flavors.

To make this recipe, prepare two slices of bread with a quarter-inch layer of grated cheese. Place the sandwiches on a hot skillet and add a tablespoon of butter. Cook for 5 to seven minutes, flipping every couple of minutes until the cheese is bubbling and the bread is lightly browned. Then, top the sandwiches with a spoonful of aioli. Serve immediately, or allow them to cool for three to four hours.

A grilled cheese sandwich is an easy dinner or late-night snack and can be paired with California Zinfandel or Sauvignon Blanc. Before cooking the cheese sandwiches, make small holes in the bread. The holes help the cheese ooze out. Then, spread some butter on one side of the slices. Finally, place them on a large skillet. Add some watercress if you wish to spice it up a bit.

When cooking a grilled cheese sandwich, choose a high-quality cheese. For example, you can get triple-cream cheese from France. It has a milder flavor than regular cheese. Then, place a cheese slice between the bread slices and spread it with butter. Next, place the cheese on the slices and cook until golden brown. Serve with a white Burgundy or a local Chardonnay.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

If you’re cooking a barbecue feast, pairing BBQ Baby Back Ribs with Zinfandel is an excellent idea. The smokey, charred flavor of grilled ribs is an excellent match for the wine’s fruity and acidic notes.

Unlike beef ribs, pork baby back ribs are sweeter. These meaty ribs pair well with Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, and Lambrusco. Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz are also excellent choices. Herb-glazed ribs go great with Barbera and Zinfandel.

If you’re pairing ribs with wine, you’ll need to make a selection based on the types of ribs you’re serving. For example, pork ribs are better suited to Cabernet Sauvignon, while beef ribs are better served with a more mellow Zinfandel.

While the ribs are grilling, prepare the slaw. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, then toss to combine. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for about an hour. This will allow the flavors to develop. Afterward, slice the ribs into individual pieces.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs can be made even better with red wine. The wine helps bring out the flavors of the meat and adds bright acidity. Choosing a good red will help you make the summer sizzle, and the ribs will love the wine.

Which cheese pairs well with Zinfandel?

With jammy zinfandel, hard cheeses like cheddar or manchego go well. Besides blue cheese, feta, aged gruyere, Havarti, gorgonzola, and parmesan, medium-bodied and bold zinfandels enjoy those cheeses.


Does zinfandel pair well with hot food?

However, certain red wines won’t interfere with spicy cuisines, such as lighter-bodied, fruit-forward reds like Beaujolais, Grenache-based wines like Côtes du Rhône, or more straightforward Merlot or Zinfandel varieties. You might also try to concentrate on the dish’s defining tastes.

Can Zinfandel be paired with beef?

Since steak often contains a lot of fat, California zinfandel is an excellent match. This occurs due to the intense acidity and mild tannins in Zinfandel. But you must carefully select the ideal steak to go with California Zinfandel. Ribeye, T-bone, and porterhouse are a few standout choices.

How is Zinfandel served?

Red Zinfandel should be served similarly to other red wines: between 60 and 65 degrees colder than room temperature. Despite your first assumption that room temperature was the best choice, this is excessively warm and might cause the wine to become flabby and harsh.

Does pizza pair well with Zinfandel?

It is undeniable, however, that this fruity, spicy wine pairs superbly with pizza, particularly pizza topped with flavorful meat and grilled vegetables. Zinfandel’s firm acidity and moderate tannin content balance with tomato sauce’s high acidity.