Catering-Food Ideas For Events & Wedding Receptions


Catering-Food Ideas For Events & Wedding Receptions

Your menu is one of the trickiest decisions you’ll make during wedding planning. Once you find out all the details of your venue and event, please make a list of your and your partner’s favorite dishes and take them to your caterer. They will be able to help you make a menu that is both delicious and unique to your event by combining your favorites with their knowledge.

How to Choose an Event/Wedding Menu

We suggest putting your love story on your wedding menu. Getting ideas from each of your families is one of our favorite things to do. For example, is there a family recipe that you always have on hand? Then, you can serve both of them to celebrate your families coming together.

You could also make your wedding menu based on how you met. For example, mention your favorite places to go on a date or the meal you ate the night you got engaged. Adding these personal details to your wedding or event menu will help your guests feel like they know you and your partner better.

The most important thing, of course, is to make your wedding menu fit your tastes. If you can’t decide, go with some of your favorites, like sushi or filet mignon. It’s still a unique way to make your wedding day even more special and add a personal touch. Then, work with your caterer to come up with a wedding menu that is both tasty and important.

Food Ideas For Your Wedding & Events

These wedding and event meal ideas are likely to inspire, whether you want to serve traditional foods like chicken or beef or something special like vegan burgers.

Seafood Portable Station.

A portable seafood station can give your customers an engaging participatory experience. For example, a bucket of oysters is a fantastic idea since it combines elegance and enjoyment in an ideal way. Your guests can converse further while enjoying a fresh oyster (complete with sauce, of course). Psst: You can use this for any seafood, whether it’s popcorn shrimp, sushi, or lobster ravioli.

Buffet Bar.

A brunch spread will likely please your guests, whether your wedding is earlier in the day or your family and you enjoy brinner (breakfast for dinner). There will be something for everyone if tasty alternatives like biscuits and gravy are served alongside sweet jams and fruits.

Ice cream bar.

We all scream together for—well, you know how it goes. There is no better way to spoil your guests at the end of the night than with an ice cream stand. Fun toppings like hot fudge, sprinkles, or candies can add a special touch.

Wood-Fired pizza

These are for couples having rustic weddings. Offer pizza on your wedding menu to add some creativity. While wood-fired pizza looks extremely lovely and is a crowd favorite, it may feel too informal for a wedding. Allow your visitors to choose their favorite toppings by providing a variety of possibilities.

Dim Sum.

The traditional Chinese lunch is sure to be a favorite at your event, whether it’s a gesture to your cultural heritage, your love of travel, or your individual food preferences. Your guests can sample and select from a wide array of foods that generally make up the dim sum. This option is one of our favorites since it’s so dynamic and adaptable—your guests can create their plate!

The sushi spot.

All sushi lovers, listen up: This idea for a wedding menu is just right for you. Setting up a sushi station is so much fun because your guests can do whatever they want. They can choose how many plates they want and what kind of rolls they want. Also, it’s a food that many people like because it’s fresh and light. If you have vegans or vegetarians coming to your wedding, make sure to have a few vegetable options.


This classic wedding dish is a great way to treat your family and guests. Talk to the caterer about the different ways you can choose the cut. Tenderloin, T-bone, rib-eye, and New York strip are all classic cuts.


This classic Italian dish is excellent for weddings in the winter. One of the best things about lasagna is how easy it is for your caterer to make simple changes so everyone can eat it.

Fast food.

Forget the idea that your wedding food has to be very fancy. Whether you’re having a casual party or a fancy wedding, bringing out your favorite fast food will get the party started and get everyone ready to dig in. Even just the smell will make everyone want to eat. Also, it’s a unique way to make your wedding day your own.


Sliders combine the best parts of burgers and sandwiches into one bite. Give your guests a choice of meat and vegetarian snacks so that everyone can enjoy these treats.


Fajitas are an excellent choice for couples who are trying to save money. The food is cheap and filling; people can change their meals to fit their diets. Make sure to use a variety of meats, vegetables, and other garnishes to keep it interesting.

Wedding Cakes.

Wedding cakes taste as good as they look, and they’re a staple at weddings for a reason. If you and your partner want to serve wedding cake, choose flavors and icings that go with your theme. Cut the cake into pieces ahead of time to make it easier to serve.

Small cupcakes.

Cupcakes, big or small, are another popular dessert. These desserts taste just like a traditional wedding cake, but they are easy to carry. You can also choose different cupcake flavors if you need help deciding which one you like best.

Vegan Burgers.

Vegan burgers can be even cheaper than beef burgers if your friends and family would rather eat vegetables than meat. Instead of a beef patty or a pricey plant-based meat, try portobello mushroom.


Even though you should always listen to what your catering company tells you, it doesn’t hurt to have a general idea of how catering works so that costs are kept in check, and as little food as possible is wasted. Also, remember that having too little food or drink can be embarrassing, but having too much is a waste of money.