How To Increase Hotel Revenue Food

How To Increase Hotel Revenue

How To Increase Hotel Revenue Food

To start with, hotels need a certain amount of food consumed generally throughout the day by guests. However, there are many ways of increasing the amount at the hotel while maintaining quality standards that offer your guests an unforgettable experience.

Ways to Increase Hotel Revenue

One way is to invest in small restaurants and cafeterias, which may not be able to provide all the dining needs of your guest but can still help fill in some vacancies with their options, such as pasta or dessert items. Another great way is to have employees pre-plate or set up food that can be put into the microwave.

Having food ready before the guest comes in will save time and money. Savory snacks are a great way to attract hotel guests to head for the fridge more often for snack time.

Another way of making your hotel a full-service property is to add a fitness center and spa if it’s not already there from when you purchased the building. This can increase Revenue by extra gym fees and get people on average spending $40 more per day in your hotel and the local area. In addition, some hotels have a wedding chapel and/or catering service on sight that you can use to make extra money.

If you want to increase food sales or Revenue, you must offer different meals and snacks for the guests. Having an in-house restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is the most efficient way of doing this. Although it’s not quite as profitable as having a full-service restaurant in the hotel itself, there are definite benefits to adding your in-house restaurant.

For example, since few restaurants are on the premises compared to full-service hotels, people may be tempted to eat at your hotel first instead of going out. This will likely increase profits since they might not have any other options. You can also pre-plate food and get employees to warm plates in the microwave to cut down on labor costs.

The many food and snacks options will likely give guests a lot more options for their meals compared to those at other hotels. Food items such as pizza, hamburgers, deli items, and soup are very popular with guests since this is what they are used to from other hotels around town. In addition, other restaurants will usually have different menus, recipes, and presentations, such as Mexican or Chinese food.

How to Increase Revenue in the Restaurant and Receive More Bookings

If you are planning to raise money, bring in your marketing and sales team and set aside time to do these steps:

Focus on customer satisfaction 

An unhappy guest will damage your reputation – make sure you respond to reviews or have someone do it for you. Then, maintain a high-quality service, respond in a diploma, calm manner and give a refund if needed.

Then, take it to the next level: do not just respond to updates but act accordingly! If many of your guests have similar requests or feedback, apply those changes to your daily hotel life.

Offer a better booking experience than your competitors

Nowadays, almost everyone books online, and many people book on their phones. This means that your site and your booking engine should be user-friendly. Learn about device trends and bookings here. We hope you already do this but offer a better price on your site (direct booking.) OTAs. You can also add online access or a digital visitor experience to it.

Keep your staff happy!

Suppose your employees are satisfied with the conditions in which they work. In that case, the income they receive, and the treatment they will have will be more patient with the conflicting guests, not to mention that it will be easier for them to be friendly in general. This is the key to a high level of service; guests will see if your employees exceed their expected duties to complete their stay. 

Make the guests feel at home

A warm message before they arrive will do wonders. Before staying, you can also inform them about your services, parking, and things you can feel in the area. This will help you to build a guest-hotel bond. 

If the visitor knows which taxi service to order from – and therefore is not fraudulent at the airport – or he may enter earlier than usual (e.g., when their flight arrives at 4 a.m.), they will feel really at home. You can create offers for this and quickly increase your revenue with a top-selling platform.

Ask your guests if they need an upgrade

But don’t say it’s a clear improvement. Instead, try to sell the experience or memory they will have like this: get a guaranteed view! – selling a large room with a better view of the city. If your suites are empty most of the time, offer guests who have already paid for their standard room and earn extra money. 

Take it to the next level: Improvement needs to be about a large room and can include a bottle of wine, room service or time out, anything you think is suitable for your guests. Just all for a little extra money.

Sell the other hotel products

If you have a spa or restaurant, make sure guests use it! If you are in a tourist attraction, there should be some outstanding restaurants, and your guests may go out for a meal elsewhere.

Please make sure you market your extra services well, make them attractive to your visitors, such as traditional ones, offering them at certain times of the year, and follow the latest trends in sales. There are numerous ways to do that. We have articles about the rise of the season here and another about the boutique hotel upsell here. You can also sell simple items, such as a bathtub, room appliance, or Netflix package & snacks.

Sell tickets

Are there any concerts, events, and special events in the city that visitors attend? Make sure you are ready for that. Then, you can sell these tickets, join Hop on Hop, and offer this experience with additional taxis, dinners, or gift sets. As a result, the visitor will enjoy the city more while your hotel earns more money – a win-win for both.

Social media marketing

Social media trends help hotels to stay in touch with their guests. Promoting hotel services on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is much easier. Learn a little about who uses the platform, e.g., FB is mainly used by middle-aged women, and Instagram is the next GenZ gaming platform. 

The fact that they are not old enough does not mean they have no money, and GenZ will not buy anything with a bad update. Try to post new information frequently, including the best times in the morning, lunch break, and dinner, and remember that it is necessary to engage in guest comments. You can learn more about social media strategies that you can use at the hotel through Hotel Speak.

Personalize your offers

Each visitor is different. Use the segments to promote what is offered. This increases compatibility significantly. Business travelers behave pretty differently than recreational travelers. The same can be said of other nations. You understand your parts. Create an offer and think about it.

Automate your up-selling

To understand customer needs while increasing your hotel budget, you must up-sell communication software and guests.

If you do not have time to reflect on the behavior of visitors, check what you have learned with your team and do it and find up-sell software where the system analyzes the data and sends welcome and offered emails automatically. Then, you have to sit down, relax and watch your money increase.