Restaurant Management Solutions

Restaurant Management Solutions

Restaurant Management Solutions

Restaurant managers and owners benefit greatly from restaurant management software. Restaurant staff members utilize these technologies to monitor inventory, payroll, orders, and analytics. These technologies can help managers and business owners track employee performance, make the onboarding process easier for new hires, and compare business practices across various locations.

For either specialized restaurant kinds or restaurants as a whole, these tools offer a wide range of functions. The Food & Beverage industry is an endless playground. Practices adopted over the past few years are being quickly eliminated and favor faster and more efficient methods.

Another aspect of restaurant operations that have seen a significant change is that of restaurant management software. Every day new systems emerge that can perform specific tasks less quickly and with greater clarity than ever before.

Restaurant management software, if done correctly, is a surefire way to ensure the success of a restaurant. Whether you choose the best POS program or rescue management software that saves hours of memory, restaurant management software is something that should not be overlooked in your restaurant. Read on to learn about the best restaurant management software by 2021 and the features you need to ensure they get the job done.

Restaurant Management Solutions

Looking for some restaurant management software? Jump right there.

  • Point of Sale System.
  • Restaurant Reservation Software.
  • Table Management System.
  • Food Costing Software. 
  • Restaurant Analytics Software.
  • Restaurant Menu Builder Software.
  • Restaurant Accounting Software.
  • Cash Flow Management Software.
  • Inventory Management System
  • Waitlist Software.
  • Online Ordering Software.

Point of Sale System (POS)

In the past, a sound POS system was inexpensive, easy to use, and had one primary function – to process sales and transactions. These days, POS programs are one of the most potent ways of restaurant management software that I can use. Modern POS systems operate as a computer/currency hybrid, capable of processing credit card payments, printing receipts, displaying information on a user-friendly screen, and acting as a service station. With the advancement of technology, the former POS systems with great power moved to tablets such as portable iPads.

Features you need from your POS systems are:

  • Create sales reports for various periods.
  • Calculate payroll data.
  • Make a note of cash-in and cash-out.
  • Record payment methods of each guest
  • Record check averages daily
  • Keep track of sales metrics
  • Record and store information on recurring customers

 A few things that can be considered when choosing a POS system:

  • Ease of use:  
  • Price and quality:  
  • Necessary components:  
  • Data tracking:  

Best POS systems in 2021

  • Harbortouch:  
  • micros by Oracle:  
  • Square POS:  
  • Revel:  

Restaurant Reservation Software/Table Management System

As for the restaurants that take the reservation, the ‘pen and paper of the restaurant reservation system to the restaurant reservation system can make a huge difference.

Using restaurant booking software makes your daily work much more accessible and creates a better user experience for your guests.

Instead of answering calls and entering information manually, visitors can enter their details using a web interface, a mobile app, or a web widget.

A good restaurant booking setup will also incorporate an accurate table management system. This allows restaurants to get bookings on multiple channels and visualize their hourly dining hours.

Valuable Features of a sound restaurant reservation system

  • The dropdown shows with custom reminders.
  • Make bookings easy online
  • Manage inventory successfully
  • Functional dining area to make it more efficient
  • Predict the required stock in the coming days

Allows you to set a specific number of booking tables to prevent over-booking Store visitor information to allow future marketing activities such as emails, or particular time alerts (birthdays and reminders) When choosing a reservation plan for your restaurant, make sure you find one that suits your daily needs.

Restaurant Management Solutions

Food Costing Software

As a restaurant manager, the first and most important thing is to make a profit. Regarding restaurant rates, the primary source of income is the food itself, so it’s essential to know the cost of food for each menu item.

Expensive software helps the whole process by automatically performing all the calculations. Good cost-effective software will help keep track of your inventory and provide detailed analytics for each container.

Must-have features from your food costing software

  1. Understand profit margins for each dish to assess the profitability
  2. Highlight the money-making dishes to increase demand
  3. Takes labor cost and fixed costs into consideration
  4. Allows you to experiment with different price points to achieve maximum profitability

Best Food Costing Software in 2021

  • FoodCo.
  • CostBrain.

Inventory Management Software

A proper asset management system gives restaurant operators a glimpse of the current state of their list. This eliminates the need for regular property inspections, which reduces the number of people’s errors. As software develops itself, restaurants have more time to focus on doing their business than completing low-level tasks and are guaranteed the right stock at the right time.

Must-have inventory management software features

  • Improves the accuracy of inventory orders
  • Help keep the business organized
  • Automatically save time in the inventory process
  • Save money by giving an understanding of which products are selling and which are not
  • It can be integrated with POS and accounting software

When choosing an asset management plan, it is essential to have a budget in mind as some products can be surprisingly expensive but not required for your restaurant size.

It is also important to understand the inventory hardships you face at your restaurant before making a decision.

Best inventory management software in 2021



Waitlist Software

If you use a popular restaurant or have a busy night, you know the importance of using a waiting system. The waiting list software allows restaurant operators to quickly add guests to the waiting list when the restaurant is full and notify them when the table is released. This is achieved through a portable buzzer for the host or modern waiting lists, and an SMS is sent when the table is ready.

Must-have Features in your waitlist software:

  • Automate the waitlist process
  • Quick SMS functionality to send quick alerts to guests.
  • Gain insight into your client base

Best waitlist software in 2021




Restaurant Accounting Software

Running any restaurant can be one of the most exciting plus rewarding activities, but this will come to you at a price. It is easy to over-look one of the essential aspects of restaurant operations – restaurant calculations. Without proper accounting practices, restaurants are set to fail. But what if your budget doesn’t allows you to hire a restaurant accountant? Restaurant calculation software is usually cheap (sometimes free) and easy to learn to use. In an instant, you will be evaluating your books as an expert.

Must-have restaurant accounting software features

  • Gives you real-time insights into your restaurant’s finances
  • Shows you both accounts payable & receivable
  • Can connect with other restaurant software.
  • It can be accessed easily from wherever you are

Best restaurant accounting software in 2021

Zip books


Cash Flow Management Software

In the restaurant industry, cash is a master, and to keep the cash flow flowing to balance outflows; you will need to manage your cash flow.

To be profitable is not enough in a small restaurant; you will need the proper cash flow to make that a reality. While it is one of the most critical aspects of financial business stability, it is often the first restaurant owners to ignore and prefer other business offerings.

If this happens in your restaurant, find out how you can easily manage your cash flow through inexpensive money management software.

Must-have cash flow management software features

1 Multiple cash flow views to monitor flow on a monthly, weekly, or maybe on even daily basis

2 Ability to connect to your accounting software for seamless viewing of data

3 Project future cash flow

4 Export data to process externally

Online Ordering Software

In the post-Covid world, restaurants need to rely on online ordering software more than ever before. With restrictions on the frequency of visits to their favorite institutions, you must provide some practical options that allow your visitors to enjoy your contribution. As a result of changes in consumer preferences, we have seen many online ordering software providers appear to challenge the standard online ordering system with in-one programs. If you have trouble finding customers by the door by 2021, it may be time to think about online ordering software at your restaurant.

It Must have online ordering software features like:

  • Website ordering.
  • Order management
  • POS integration
  • Payment integration.
  • Loyalty program
  • Integrated marketing