Restaurant Professionals Foods

Restaurant professionals foods

Restaurant Professionals Foods

In the United States, the restaurant and food service sector is worth $899 billion. Half of all adults have worked in food service in some capacity at some point in their life due to the prevalence of restaurants and other food-service companies. Any business that serves meals to customers outside of their homes falls under the umbrella of the food service industry. This comprises eating establishments, takeout businesses, cafeterias, university dining halls, catering and vending businesses, inns and motels, as well as rehabilitation and retirement facilities.

The hospitality industry outlook is promising this year & beyond. Over the past decade, we have seen many changes in terms of significant growth in economic growth and industry-related technologies. Hospitality experts are now looking to get certificates that further their education and increase opportunities in this robust new industry.

Restaurant professionals foods

Cvent Supplier Professional Certification Managed

Purpose: Marketing professionals and marketers in hotels and areas to improve technical standards and conversion rates in the Cvent Supplier Network.


  • Cvent Supplier Login Credential
  • Basic knowledge of the Cvent Supplier Network
  • Successfully pass the online exam

To apply, sign up for the test, which contains 40 optional questions and takes 75 minutes. 80% or more points are required to obtain a certificate. In the event of a global coronavirus disaster, the certificate is available free of charge. This is a total of $ 375 – free.

Restaurant professionals foods

Cvent Event Diagramming Certification

Who it’s for: This certificate is for hospitality professionals who want to learn how to:

  • Create and edit diagrams of your venue’s event space
  • Design unforgettable 3D virtual site tours
  • Collaborate with planners on alternative – and safe – layouts for their events

DMCP: Destination Management Certified Professional

Administered by: Association of Destination Management Executives

Who it’s for: Anyone interested in both self improvement & being informed about the latest industry standards, practices, and ethics.


  • Minimum of 3 years experience in Destination Management
  • Current employment in the hospitality industry
  • Responsibility and accountability for the successful completion of Destination Management programs

CGMP: Certified Government Meeting Professional

Administered by: Society of Government’s Meeting Professionals

Who it’s for: Event organizers & suppliers who follow the federal government’s guidelines for meeting planning.


  • Must be a current member of SGMP for at least six months (or have documented proofs of employment in the hospitality industry for at least one full calendar year)
  • Complete the CGMP Class
  • Successfully pass the CGMP Exam

DES: Digital Event Strategist

Administered by: The Digital Experience Institute.

Who it’s for: The Hospitality professionals are interested in the supreme methods for planning, producing, and measuring the success of digital engagement practices.


  • Complete the DES Course
  • Acceptance of DES application
  • Recertification every two years

Both the course & exam cover ten critical areas of the live stream and digital engagement events.

CVE: Certified Venue Executive

Administered by: International Association of Venue Managers.

Who it’s for: Excellent and highly in-demand managers of public assembly facilities like arenas, stadiums, convention centers, and performance art venues.


  • Review the One-Minute CVE Guide
  • 7-10 years of industry experience
  • Significant involvements with IAVM.

In addition to these requirements, applicants are urged to have at least one degree from an accredited university, leadership training, volunteer participation, and some other activities under the “greater involvement” category.

CSP: Certified Speaking Professional

Administered by: National Speakers Association

Who it’s for: The industry’s top ten percent of speakers who perform at the highest level of professional platform competence internationally.


  • Review the official CSP application guide
  • Demonstration of the Four Es (Eloquence, Expertise, Enterprise, and Ethics)
  • A successful application.

Your future opportunity to apply for this certification will be in spring 2021.

CEM: Certified in Exhibition Management

Administered by: International Association of Exhibitions & Events

Who it’s for: Outstanding skills in the exhibitions & events management areas


  • Complete the 9-part adult learning and certification program
  • Have at least three years of full-time professional experience in the exhibitions and events industry
  • Successful completion of the exam within ninety days of course completion.

Since its creation in 1976, the CEM has become a globally recognized standard of excellence with education for both short & long-term career goals.

CSEP: Certified Special Events Professional

Administered by: The International Live Events Association

Who it’s for: Expert special event’s planners with the knowledge, skills, & abilities necessary for all process components.


  • Fill out the application
  • Submit proof of three years of full-time events industry employment
  • Pay an $800 exam fee – credit card information is collected in the application.

There are six exam windows available per year, so plan accordingly.

CDME: Certified Destination Management Executive

Administered by: Destinations International.

Who it’s for: Senior destination marketing professionals who have accomplished the highest educational achievements in this industry.


  • Complete at least five classes about leadership, productivity, and business strategy
  •  Pass the final exam

Recertification every four years

The program is heavily focused on skills like vision, leadership, productivity, and business strategy.

CPCE: Certified Professional in Catering and Events

Administered by: National Association of Catering & Events.

Who it’s for: All those who have established a standard of excellence in hospitality & pursue or promote continued education within the field. It is also for those who want to find and collaborate with qualified caterers quickly.


  • Download the Policy Manual
  • Gather your required documentation
  • Complete your application and Supervisor Verification Form
  • Pass the CPCE exams.

Groups of five or more who apply together are eligible to receive a discount of $200 off each application. There are also some scholarships available that you can use four times a year.

CCEP: Collegiate Conference and Events Professional

Administered by: The Association of Collegiate Conferences & Events Directors-International.

Who it’s for: Individuals who show exceptional skills in the areas of collegiate conference & event planning.


  • Must be an ACCED-I member
  • Meet one of the following options:

CMP: Certification in Meeting Management.

Administered by: MPI

Who it’s for: Event industry specialist educated in the best practices of corporate meetings world-wide.


  • 7+ years of professional experience in the meeting and event industry
  • 3+ years of management experience
  • 2+ years of profit and loss responsibility

A solid resume, personal statement, and recommendation from a professional colleague or supervisor

CAE: Certified Association Executive

Administered by: American Society of Association Executives.

Who it’s for: Industry leader who exhibits high professional plus personal standards.  


  • Completion of a written exam before receiving the honor
  • Five years experience at the staff level OR 1 year employed as an executive at a qualifying organization
  • A bachelor’s degree OR eight years of professional work experience
  1. BVOM: Business Value of Meetings
  2. CODE: Certified Rooms Division Executive
  3. CHSP: Certified Hospitality Sales Professional
  4. CDT: Certified Hospitality Department Trainer
  5. CHDM: Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer
  6. CHS: Certified Hospitality Supervisor
  7. CHA: Certified Hotel Administrator

In conclusion, hospitality credentials can grow your valued career.

While many options are available, these top 20 hospitality certificates are a great start to any career level. Choose the one that best suits your long-term goals.

Also, be sure to pay attention to class days, tests, and repetitions because they vary significantly from program to program. Keep these tips in mind, and you will probably be assured of a successful hospitality experience! If you are looking for technology that will help you pursue your career, in addition to education, be sure to check out the easy-to-use Social Tables graphic design software.