What Are the White Meat Parts of a Chicken?

What Are the White Meat Parts of a Chicken?

What Are the White Meat Parts of a Chicken?

White meat cuts include breast tenders, breasts, and wings. Dark cuts of meat are drumsticks and thighs. The different colors occur because they are two distinct kinds of muscle.

What’s in Chicken Meat?

Chicken meat is composed of two primary kinds of muscle fibers: white fibers employed for brief, rapid movements and red fibers utilized for longer movements like standing. White muscle fibers transform carbohydrates inside the fibers into energy, while red muscles are fueled by fat, some of which come through the fibers, while some come from the bloodstream. Red muscle fibers acquire their color due to the proteins that convert the fat into energy, for example, myoglobin which is purple and is full of iron. Because they’re rich in proteins and fats and proteins, red fibers are more delicious than white. Muscles aren’t all white or red; they’re both types of fibers.

The Parts of the Bird

First, turkey and chicken comprise four pieces: The breasts, thigh, drumstick, and wings. The bird is comprised of two parts. The breast meat is white. The drumstick and thigh (collectively called legs) have dark hues. What about the wings? You may be shocked that wings are also considered white meat.

White Meat Vs. Dark Meat

White Meat Vs. Dark Meat

Like the other animals we consume for their meat, the meat comprises the animal’s muscles. Muscles are utilized in various ways, but their primary function is converting energy into fuel. The type of fuel used varies based on the type of movement needed.

Muscles that produce short bursts of energy, such as flapping wings, comprise white fibers that transform carbohydrates into energy. On the other hand, muscles used to exercise for long periods, such as standing, comprise mainly red muscle fibers that transform calories from fat to energy.

To convert fat into energy, you need a specific protein known as myoglobin, which is red because of its oxygen and iron levels. Therefore, the muscles turkeys or chickens use for extended work, such as standing, are rich in myoglobin, giving them a darker shade. This protein also gives dark meat a more savory taste than white meat.

Since fat is the fuel source of these red muscle fibers, they have more fat naturally present in them than those comprised of mostly white fibers, such as the wings and breasts, which are naturally slimmer.

White Meat Is Leaner?

Yes, white meat chicken can be tastier than dark-meat poultry. However, a 4-ounce (113 grams) portion of skin-free chicken breast has an average of 3 grams of fat. Compare this with a 4-ounce (113 grams) serving of skinless chicken thighs with approximately 4.7 grams of fat.

Thus, the thigh has more fat. Be aware, however, that even though the thigh has 1.7 extra pounds of fat for each serving, 1.7 grams of fat equals around three almonds.

Both calories are similar: 130 calories for the chicken breast and 137 calories for the thigh. If you’re wondering how this could be possible, it’s because the chicken breast contains more protein than the thigh.

Cooking Dark Meat Vs. Light

White Meat Is Leaner. Right?

Although light and dark poultry meat (and turkey) are nutritionally equivalent, it doesn’t mean that the same cooking techniques are equally effective for cooking these meats. There’s a difference between white and dark meat. That means the dark variety is a source of more connective tissue than white meat.

Connective tissue mostly comprises collagen sheaths surrounding the muscle fiber bundles. When you cook dark-colored meats, the sheaths are harder and take longer cooking time to melt them. In general, the degree of doneness for dark meat can be achieved by cooking at an internal temperature of 175-180 F, while white meat is cooked at 145-150 F.

This difference is what makes roasting a whole turkey difficult. The large size of the turkey requires a lengthy time to cook, and when you’ve got the darker meat cooked, the breast meat has been extremely overcooked.

Similar to roasting a whole chicken, but because this process requires a shorter time to cook, it will not be as noticeable.

It suggests that you’re likely cooking your chicken in the wrong way. Instead of roasting the whole bird, you could consider buying and baking an uncooked chicken. Then, add the wings and breasts to the oven dish after the legs have been cooked.

However, as they must be cooked at an elevated temperature and are much less likely to become dry and brittle, boneless thighs of chicken are more suitable for grilling than breasts. Here are 11 reasons why we like chicken thighs.


The wing and breast portions of chicken are referred to as white meat. It is because they’re not as lean as dark meats. However, they are lower in fat and are more delicious.

The kind of muscle used depends on the type of muscle; the dark and white meat pieces of poultry can be distinct colors. Some varieties are red when raw, whereas others are pinker after being cooked. It is because of natural fibers such as myoglobin.

Myoglobin is a protein that assists in carrying oxygen to muscles. It also increases blood flow. As the content of myoglobin rises, the meat turns reddish. Dark meat contains more myoglobin than white meat.

Both kinds of meats are nutritious. For instance, chickens contain a high amount of myoglobin. However, these muscles are utilized for extended periods of time, therefore they require a greater amount.

White meat tends to be less flavorful. However, it can dry out when cooked too long. It also has less saturated fat and higher levels of unsaturated fat. So, white meat is healthier for you than dark meat.

It is darker and more succulent and tender. However, it is more difficult to overcook. Furthermore, it is higher in minerals and vitamins.

Although chickens contain more myoglobin, it’s not the only thing differentiating them from white meat. Other factors make chickens different, including the quantity of zinc and iron. In addition, a study by The Human League revealed that chickens have white stripes across 29 states.

There are numerous methods to cook chicken. For instance, you can cut a chicken breast into two pieces, then crush it into thin pieces or cook it to get crispy skin.

The breast is an excellent source of phosphorus that can benefit teeth and bones. It’s also a great food source for B5 and B3 – the nutrients that prevent bone loss.



The chicken’s wing is a bone, skin, and sinew limb. Wings are typically either barbecued or fried. This meat is very high in protein and is used in numerous recipes. It’s also delicious and healthy.

Chicken wings are unique in design that requires special handling. The skin is comparatively thin and can support the frame members. The wings have three major sections: the drumette, the wingette, and the flat. Each has a distinct purpose and can be prepared in many different ways.

Drumettes are the outermost section of the wings. These tiny meaty ends are usually taken away. They could be used to make soup or simmered as a sauce. Like wing tips, they are boiled in a glaze or sauce to add flavor.

The wings’ skin is comprised of two different layers. This outer part is called the cortex, while the middle layer is called the parenchyma. Collagen keeps the meat soft.

The skin of the wings contains 60-80 percent collagen. In the outermost layer, the cortex is tough, while the inner layer is spongy.

Chicken wings are a delicious and healthy option to eat meat. But, they can be dangerous if deep-fried. It’s essential to cook them at low temperatures and look for dryness to avoid eating excessive fat, 

The legs and thighs of chicken have also been classified as dark meat. The general rule is that dark meats have more fat and, as a result, will require longer cooking times. But, on the other hand, the meat of dark chicken is more succulent and delicious.

The thighs of chickens have a greater amount of fat than white meat. Fat is a source of fuel in the cooking process of poultry. In addition, compared to white meat, dark meat is more nutrient-dense minerals and several other nutrients.


If you’re unsure whether chicken legs benefit you, you’re not alone. Some people believe they’re not good for you due to their high-fat levels. Chicken legs are packed with lots of fat and calories. But it’s not just the fat that causes them to be unhealthy.

The fat is mostly within the skin. Legs of chicken can be prepared in various ways. It can be baked or roasted, or even fried. The meat has a slight flavor and is slim in calories.

Chickens are omnivores. As such, their diet is comprised of dark and white meat. White meat is considered healthier since it has less fat than other meats. As a result, it also has fewer calories.

Dark meats are fattier and also contain more iron. The dark the meat, the more red fibers it got. It’s also high in selenium and riboflavin.

The muscle tissue inside the leg of the chicken contains myoglobin, which is a protein that provides oxygen to the muscles. Myoglobin is what gives the meat of chicken it’s color.

The muscle cells found in the leg of the chicken consist of two kinds of fiber. One is slow-twitch, which allows for energy production through aerobic processes. As chicken muscles receive exercise, the body requires more myoglobin.

Two muscle fibers are located in the breast. One is found through the side of the breastbone, while the other is situated high on the back of the breast. Unlike the thigh muscles, the breasts do not require training to maintain health.

Chicken breasts are the healthiest part of a bird. However, the wings are better if you seek a more flavorful piece of meat.


White Meat Is Leaner. Right?

Drumsticks are a part of the chicken’s leg. It is comprised of the lower part of the thigh as well as the drumstick. The drumstick is usually sold at a bargain price. The thigh and the drumstick are cooked on a dish using a slow cooker or a skillet. They may also be fried, baked, roasted, or baked.

Chicken thighs are a good supply of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They also are a great source of healthy fats and are more fat-rich than chicken breasts. The meat is also colored red because it is a source of myoglobin, an iron-rich protein that delivers oxygen to muscles.

While dark meat is dry and tasteless, white meat can be much more tender and flavorful. In addition, due to its high-fat content, it’s ideal for cooking for a longer time. But, white meat may be cooked too long and turn bland.

Like chicken thighs, drumsticks are a hand-held fixture, making them simpler to cook. Drumsticks also have the only bone in the body, meaning it’s much easier to slice than bone-in chicken thighs.

Dark meat contains more calories and has more fat than white meat. For example, one hundred grams of thigh meat from a raw chicken has 209 calories and 10.9 grams of fat.

Chicken wings contain an average of 203 calories and 8.1 grams of fat per serving. White meat is also less in fat but contains lower calories.

Drumsticks are more flavorful cut than the thighs. The taste is due because of the muscle. Drumsticks tend to be browned, while the thighs do not. In cooking, connective tissues are broken down into gelatin, adding rich flavor to the meat.

White food is considered safe if cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.

Non-edible portion

If you are on a limited budget or love eating chicken for dinner, you are likely looking for the most affordable prices. It is particularly true for chicken breasts, often available in large quantities for about one cent per pound. The greatest part is that it can cook to the highest standard in almost nothing.

Although it’s not a must for every food, chicken is a delicious and nutritious meaty animal. The triumvirate of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids is ideal for people who want an appropriate diet. The high-fat content makes it a fantastic grill alternative to steak. It is also possible to create leather from the skin of the chicken. In addition, chicken is slim meat, so it is possible to take a large portion of Achicken per day and stay in line with the cholesterol levels you want to achieve.

The issue is, do you think it’s worth the calories? One quick Google search will give you these results: “Is chicken a healthy meat” and “Is it a healthy meat?” Of course, these aren’t the only questions you’ll have to ask. If you’re on a tight budget, you must be careful about the food you consume. Certain parts of a chicken are more nutritious than others, so make sure to read the labels. It is, after all, your health and well-being that matters.


What are the white and dark pieces of chicken?

The breast, breast tenders, and wings are examples of white flesh cuts. The thighs and drumsticks are dark meat cuts. Because there are two different types of muscle, the colors differ.

Is a chicken wing white or dark meat?

The majority of the muscle fibers in chickens’ legs and thighs are dark because they spend the majority of their lives standing or walking. The muscle fibers in their wings and breast are primarily white since they rarely fly and only do so for brief periods of time.

What is white meat and dark meat?

Based on the section of the animal the meat comes from and the amounts of proteins and vitamins those various body parts contain, a classification system is used to compare dark and white poultry meat. White flesh originates from the breasts and wings, whereas dark meat is mostly found in the legs and thighs.

Which part of chicken is healthiest?

There are more calories in darker cuts like the thigh and drumstick than in lighter cuts like the breast. Saturated fat is also added when chicken is fried or kept with the skin on. As chicken breast is the healthiest part of the bird, you should stick with it if you’re replacing red meat with chicken.

Is chicken breast a white meat?

The breast, wings, and back parts of chicken are referred to as “white meat.” This meat portion has reduced calories, minimal fat content, and high-quality lean protein. The thighs and legs (drumsticks) of the bird are referred to as dark chicken flesh because they are rich in protein, fat, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Are chicken thighs white meat?

Each type of bird has two of it. The leg, which also includes the thigh and drumstick, is black meat whereas the breast is white. What about the wing, then? The fact that the wing is also regarded as white meat may surprise you.

Are KFC wings white meat?

White flesh includes chicken wings and breasts.