What makes a Good Restaurant Manager?

What makes a Good Restaurant Manager?

What makes a Good Restaurant Manager?

All employees strive to recruit and develop top employees. Advancing their knowledge and professional development is something we are very committed to. And we have a detailed understanding of what makes a good manager, someone who can manage many aspects of the business and work through the challenges of the restaurant industry.

We have reviewed our working and training teams to provide this Restaurant Manager Skills List; a guide to the requirements for excellent restaurant management, as well as a helpful resource for restaurant industry employees who want to improve their skills to stand out as an employee, both in resume and in conversation.

What makes a good restaurant manager?

Alisa Levina: “A good restaurant manager understands their work can be self-sacrificing. They wear a lot of hats and deal with a lot of variations like emotions and making ‘flying’ decisions. This requires a sense of intensity and light. Someone full of true energy and passion in the industry, who has been given the quality of the product that comes out of his restaurant, and who understands the importance of developing their staff… I can go on!”

Jordan Gibrick: “The best managers know that success is more than just scheduling, ordering products, and managing costs. Leading managers focus on their people! To develop a positive work environment, encourage employees to do their best, train and improve, and do their best to ensure that our guests have the best possible experience.”

Leanne Farley: “A successful restaurant manager, anyone in the restaurant industry, has to have a sense of staff leadership. They should genuinely desire to serve the guest, their staff, and their community. Being ‘hospitable’ is evident to those who do well in this fast-paced, flexible environment. You can positively recognize these qualities and do whatever happens.”

Kristin Albert: “Proud and arrogant, hospitable, communicative, professional and progressive, hardworking and successful, setting clear expectations and making employees and managers accountable, taking action, understanding how to build high-quality sales and hospitality, you understand you can control them how the cost and how the bottom line is affected. Their enthusiasm sets the tone for all the staff and the vibe in this restaurant.”


What qualities do you look for in any staff member?

  • Someone who is dedicated, driven, energetic, happy, and always looking for opportunities.

  • Team players, willingness, hospitality, love, and those who understand that we are in the business of men!

  • Integrity, hospitality, honesty, a sense of urgency, a positive attitude, good communication skills.

  • Many of the qualities and qualities of a good restaurant manager from one question – positive attitude, passion for what they do, humility, teamwork, patience, calmness under pressure, doing something, can send, lead example, good communication, time management, practicality.

How to Scale Your Restaurant Business — What Do you Need?

The restaurant industry is one of the last resorts where the attitude is always striking. We can teach anyone the technical skills and knowledge needed to open a restaurant if they have the right attitude.

If they desire to serve others, take the initiative, and always focus on improving, they have the opportunity to be a leader with us. Giving small steps to leadership allows us to see them in that role on a small scale. Being a coach, then a red shirt, and then a manager in training provides a way to gain new skills while showing your leadership.”

A person who proves to be a leader in his current position – takes action to improve the restaurant and guest experience, eager to learn and be challenged, enjoy working with others and training, enjoy coming to work.