White Or Red Wine With Pizza? Which One Goes Well?


White Or Red Wine With Pizza? Which One Goes Well?

When it comes to wine pairings, white pizza is best paired with Pinot Noir, a delicate red wine with herbaceous and earthy flavors that supports the creaminess of the white pizza. Pinot Noir also doesn’t overwhelm the food like a bold Australian Shiraz. It is also great with pizzas that feature mushrooms and green herbs.


Tempranillo is a dark, fruity variety of grape that ripens early and acquires a neutral flavor. As a result, it is a versatile wine that pairs well with a variety of cuisines, including pizza. Its neutral flavor character and dry, crisp finish make it a good choice for pizza.

Tempranillo goes well with tomato-based dishes and tapas. It pairs well with various types of pizza and is also a good choice for spicy food. It is also great with lamb, especially lamb rubbed with garlic. It also pairs well with grilled fish, burgers, and mild curry.

Tempranillo is best served slightly chilled at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The aging process will influence the flavor of the wine. The younger Tempranillo will have red fruit notes, while the older wines will have more plum and leather notes. This variety of wine has been cultivated in Spain for over 3,000 years.


If you like the tanginess and sweetness of pizza, Syrah wine is a perfect accompaniment. Moreover, its medium-to-high acidity works well with the sauce and pepperoni. This wine also has undertones of smokiness and pepper spice.

Pepperoni is a common topping on pizza, adding a hint of spice to a cheese pizza. Full-bodied Syrah shares these notes and bright acidity and dark fruit flavors. You should try pairing a Syrah with Italian pizza, such as a margarita. The wine also has tangy, herbal undertones.

To make this pairing simple, start by letting your palate decide. For example, try to avoid using tannins that overpower the taste when pairing a glass of wine with food. A good alternative is Lambrusco, a chillable red wine that pairs well with pizza.

Cabernet Sauvignon

A fully loaded pizza with meat toppings will need a wine with weight and the right balance of acidity. A wine like Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah is ideal. Another option is a dry Lambrusco. Both of these wines have natural pepperiness that pairs well with pizza.

Pepperoni and sausage are popular pizza toppings and pair well with Cabernet Sauvignon. However, these meaty toppings tend to have a high-fat content. The wine should have tannins that cut through the fattiness of pizza without overpowering the sensory experience. Alternatively, you can try a Chianti if you eat a vegetarian pizza.

Red wine is the traditional pairing for pizza. This red wine blends well with a thick pizza with meat toppings. It goes well with a deep-dish pizza because it counteracts the greasy meat flavor. However, you should know that red wine can make you feel bloated if you drink too much. Consider a white wine if you do not want to drink a full-bodied red wine with your pizza. Instead of a full-bodied red, choose a fruity wine with moderate tannins.

Argentinian Malbec

Argentinean Malbec goes well with pizza. It’s one of the most popular wines for pairing pizza. It pairs well with both cheese and pizza. This aged red wine is best paired with fatty ingredients such as anchovies. Its tertiary flavors are the perfect match for grilled pizza. This is also a great wine to serve with barbequed chicken.

The bold flavor of blue cheese burgers complements Argentinian wine’s fruity, medium-tannic character. It pairs well with charred meat and the sweet tobacco notes found in the wine. This pairing also enhances the flavors of lamb. A mint chimichurri, a condiment made from mint, is a great accompaniment to the dish. The mint marinade enhances the floral and fruity characteristics of the wine.

Pizza is another popular food to pair with Argentinian Malbec. Although it’s most often associated with beefy steaks, it’s also an excellent match for rich pasta dishes. The red wine also goes well with earthier dishes like aubergine and mushroom-laden concoctions. Argentine Malbec is a versatile wine that pairs well with any type of food.

Argentinean Grenache

Whether you’re enjoying a slice of pizza or a full-on pizza party, an Argentinean Grenache red or white wine pairs nicely with pizza toppings, this variety offers fruity aromas and flavors that complement tomato sauce. A medium-bodied Grenache wine is a good choice for Margherita pizza. The fruity notes of a medium-bodied Garnacha red will enhance the flavor of the pepperoni topping.

Argentinean Grenache is one of the most popular varieties of red wine, and it’s a great choice for pairing with pizza. You’ll find it in every neighborhood. It is the second-most-planted grape in Argentina. Originally, the grape was mistaken for Bonarda del Piedmont from Italy, but DNA studies proved otherwise. Its true identity is actually the Corbeau Noir grape from Savoie in the French Alps. The Argentinean name was added to distinguish it from the Italian variety of the same name. Other synonyms of the grape include Charbono and Douce Noir.

Grenache is a versatile grape variety that has a great balance of fruit and acid. Its flavor is spicy and has hints of raspberries. Whether you serve this wine with a pizza or a large platter of pasta, it is sure to go well.

Pinot noir

You can pair Pinot Noir wine with pizza in many ways. It can pair well with four-cheese pizza, cheeseburger pizza, or grilled chicken pizza. To get the most out of the pairing, try serving it chilled. The wine has a fruity, spicy, and moderately tannic taste, which will help to tone down the acidity of the tomato sauce and balance out the fat and saltiness.

Pinot Noir grapes are a dark, pine-shaped variety that originated in Burgundy, France. Its earthy spiciness complements mushrooms and oregano. This medium-bodied wine will perfectly complement pizzas topped with these vegetables and herbs. The wine will bring out the flavors of the vegetables and the herbs, giving the pizza a unique flavor and aroma.

A homemade pizza is the perfect pairing for Pinot Noir. It pairs well with the cheeses of Mozzarella and Fontina and can be topped with feta and/or basil. Pinot Noir makes a delicious accompaniment to both when combined with a light pizza.

Argentinean Malbec

Pairing Argentinean Malbec with pizza is an ideal way to enjoy the versatile wine from Argentina. While the wine was initially known for its low price and introductory style, it has recently become more widely available. It can be enjoyed with a wide range of foods, including pizza and casual fare. This red wine boasts an intense purple hue, black fruit, and vanillin oak flavors. It also boasts high alcohol levels, which makes it the perfect wine for a Tuesday night pizza night.

Argentine Malbec is often associated with beefy steaks. Still, it is also a wonderful companion to rich pasta dishes, such as pizza. You can also try it with dishes like chorizo bread rolls and classic empanadas. This red wine has a complex structure that matches foods that are packed with texture.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Pizza is a versatile dish and pairs well with a variety of wines. Light-bodied red wines pair well with this classic Italian dish, as do bold reds like Tempranillo or Syrah. These wines offer sour cherry and strawberry notes, while their tannins make them a perfect partner for meaty pizzas.

However, a pizza should not be paired with too much acidity. If the sauce is too acidic, the wine will taste flat and flabby. A high-acidity wine will complement the flavor of the pizza. In contrast, a low-acid wine will produce a bitter taste.

Red wine is traditionally the best pairing for pizza. A good red wine will complement the pizza’s natural acidity. However, white wines can also be a good choice if you are serving a classic pizza with simple and classic toppings. If you want a more fruity flavor, try a light-bodied red wine. The Sangiovese variety is a good choice.

Off-dry Riesling

Pizza is a great food to pair with Off-dry Riesling wine. This German white grape is one of the most popular. Its aromatic flavor and zippy acidity make it one of the best wines for pairing with a variety of dishes. While pizza is often paired with sweeter wines, Riesling is also a good match for pizza’s more savory side.

Although rieslings come in many styles, off-dry Riesling is perhaps the most versatile and famous. It is an excellent pairing for Asian and Mexican cuisine. Its slight sweetness makes it an ideal match for spicy dishes. It also pairs well with wash-rind cheeses.

Consider an off-dry Riesling if you’re craving a slightly sweeter wine to pair with pizza. This aromatic white wine has a hint of sweetness, which makes it a good match for some of the most pungent washed-rind cheeses. The sweetness of the Riesling best balances the strong flavors of these cheeses.